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It is falling heavily as a floor artistic destiny Gerard was born ...

Professional and boilermaker welder , nothing, except his golden fingers , predestined to become an artist . Fate will decide for him. This is indeed a heavy fall that literally fall into the sculpture.
" By rehabilitating my home, I dropped a floor and I broke my ankle ," says Gerard. The Castelsarrasinois can not exult his energy , he sought another avenue for channel : this is art . "With a year of sick leave , eight operations to the ankle, I depressed and turned round . I started tinkering in my workshop. " Gradually, the boilermaker welder , refines his work alongside Jean -Marc , an experienced artist Cordes- sur-Ciel , and later the Tarn Casimir Ferrer. "Their criticisms and suggestions helped me to progress . Especially to believe in what I was doing . " It is , however, leaving his homeland that Castelsarrasinois finished his apprenticeship and takes his artistic flight. " After twenty-five years as a welder for fuel service of the army, I wanted a change of scenery . I went to Dakar, on behalf of an operating company of hydrocarbon. " An African bracket upsets lasting four years the artist and the man . " On the spot I created a workshop on a shoestring : an anvil and a chipper . I worked at the African (laughs). " " Quickly, I had the opportunity to be in contact with the leading sculptors , like the Babacarniang and especially Kalidou Kassé . " The qi meetings allow him to be in residence in the village of the arts to expose the Dakar Biennale and see more of his creations enthroned in emblematic places of the Senegalese capital. "These artists have opened up new avenues for me to learn to work the stone, wood and bronze. " . The works of Gérard Broken more refined and largely symbolic .
After his military retirement in order to implement its commitment to build a house abroad , he decided that it will be Thailand. Pending departure, Castelsarrasinois embarks on the renovation of a house where there is while the walls . It will end this project in 8 months with the help of many faithful friends.
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Some key dates of the artiste

Birth Castelsarrasin in a farming family.
He left the family farm.
Welder and team leader services essences of the army, Castelsarrasin.
Stay in Senegal.
Back to Castelsarrasin, he became a logistics warehouse in 9-th BSMAT Montauban.
Creation of an exhibition gallery of his works as well as a new workshop